Enroll In EZ Online Banking

You can sign up with our auto enroll. Get instant access to your Farmers State Bank accounts. The information below will help you fill out the application.

Click here to enroll
  1. Type First Name and Last Name. These need to match the information used to open your account you use in step 2.

  2. Enter one of your account numbers and select account type from the drop down menu to match the account you entered.

  3. Enter your email address. This is important because if you forget your password and need a reminder sent it will email to the address you enter here.

  4. Enter your Telephone Banking Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN must match the PIN used to access Telebanc, our 24 hour telephone banking system. If you have not used Telebanc yet, please call us at 715-258-1410 for your PIN.

  5. Please enter your security question and answer. This will be used if you call our Bookkeeping Department to reset your password. Click Submit to go to the next step.

  6. Enter New Access ID. Your Access ID needs to be 6 to 15 characters.  It can be letters, numbers, special characters (? * @ etc. - If you use special characters you may have issues if you use our bill pay program.), or any combination.  Letters are case sensitive.  No spaces can be used.  Please keep a record of your Access ID in a safe place.  Please note, your Access ID needs to be unique because no two people can have the same Access ID on the Farmers State Bank system.  If you select an Access ID that already exists, the system will require you to select a different one. 

  7. Enter your New Password. Re-enter your New Password.

  8. You will then be prompted to add a phrase, select 3 challenging questions, and answer the challenging questions. Once you complete this you will be able to get into your account.

With questions or for further assistance, please feel free to contact the bank.