What Can Telebanc Do?

To Get Into the Telebanc System

Call 800.277.7725 Enter Any of Your Account Number(s) and Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Telebanc Options

Main Menu

1    Account Information
2    Investment and Loan Calculations
3    Check Verification
4    Loan Payment
0    To speak to a Customer Service Rep.

Account Information

1     Current Balance and Last Deposit
2     Review Transactions
       1    Pending transactions that will post as of the current business date
       2    All transactions posted to your account
       3    Recent checks
       4    Recent deposits
       5    See if a specific check has cleared
       9    Return to the checking menu
3     Transfer Funds
4     Make a Payment
5     Other Checking Account Functions
9     Inquire into other accounts or change PIN
       1    Checking Information
       2    Savings Information
       4    Loan Information
       5    Change your Personal Identification Number
       6    Return to the Main Menu 

Investment and Loan Calculations

1    Investment Calculations
2    Loan Calculations
9    Return to Main Menu

Check Verification

Loan Payment

If you have any questions or problems getting the information you want from Telebanc, please call 715.258.1410 and our Bookkeeping Department will help you.